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Used saddles and special deals

Before you buy a used saddle should you know.......

We have made ​​thousands of saddles in the long time we are doing our business. Still, there are not many saddles for sale at used-market. We think it shows how satisfied our customers are. But of course, you can find a used saddle from time to time.
It's no problem for us if you need to save money and looking for a used saddle. We will like to help you with consulting and advice. But ask before you buy.
We have too often seen what kind of saddle is sometimes offerered as a "special offer", a "bargain". Remember, our saddles are also a kind of mechanic and this "mechanic" needs care. If you ignore it, this mechanic can break prematurely. But there are also "scientists" and "do-it-yourself" -people between horse people (and unfortunaltely also between saddlemakers) which attempt to "explore" this mechanic or make changes because the don´t really understand the funtion.. Result is usually a saddle which is working no more.
If you purchase one of these saddles for really cheap money, you can be sure you will pay the saved (or more) money for repairing.
But if you do not know where you need to look  for, you can not evaluate the condition and price of the saddle. Therefore, we offer seller and buyer a review of the saddle with a written certificate. In this way we can provide security on condition of saddle and a realistic price for both parties.

Used saddles or limited offers can you find on our german site with a  > click here <

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