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The American-Flex-System  

......independent  of the saddle tree, does it fit itself  to a wide variety of horses. A more than generous bearing surface provides an optimum weight distribution. No manual fitting, adjustment, changing etc. is needed. The panels following every change of your horses shape with every step  your horse is doing, while the rider sits stable, secure and close to the horse.
....simply the smarter solution if you want the best for yourself and your horse

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In the pictures you can see the critical points of rigid saddles (1, 2). The vertical movement of the back as well as the bending of the horse will be difficult. When your horse turns, one side becomes shorter and the other longer. A conventional saddle cannot adapt to this movement, and this results in increased pressure at certain points. Therefore conventional saddles will always produce certain pressure points-at some time-at some point, depending on the basic shape of the saddletree. A flexible saddle tree? This was out of the question for us, since we did not see how it could solve the basic problem of the fit. At the same time, in our opinion, it is important to keep the saddle seat stable. It should not be like sitting on a sponge.

The American-Flex-Saddles finds a remedy. When placed on the horse’s back and carrying the rider’s weight, the panels follow the laws of mechanics and are forced to conform to the horse’s contour. This will result in flush contact over the entire surface with even pressure distribution, and even during movement the panels adapt to the constantly changing shape of the horse’s back. For realizing, we designed the panels with a multi-layered structure (4,5,8). Special reinforced and very flexible synthetic material inside the panels distributes the load over the entire surface and is optimal conform to the panel – even in the middle. horse’s contour - simple utilisation of the laws of mechanics. We have developed a particular design for each layer in the rear area as well. This special shape guarantees an optimal weight distribution over the entire panel – even in the middle. In the front area, the panel is built in the form of slats. This permits an extra soft shoulder rotation. The slats extend as far as the withers area, so horses with extremely wide withers never feel too much pressure on this area. The second layer of the panel overlaps with the slats from the first layer. This permits a transfer of the forces to the subsequent layer and also a simultaneous distribution to the center of the panel. This will result in flush contact over the entire surface with even pressure distribution, and even during movement the panels adapt to the constantly changing shape of the horse’s back (3,9,10).

With its articulated connection to the saddle tree, our panel can also conform to the different widths of the horse. The panel thus independently produces the classic fit parameters like gullet width, flair, twist, rocker, etc. The flexibility of the material also helps it to further nestle against every curve. A variable girth system and an adjustable system tops it off. here for more information

American-Flex has taken many years ago, as the first and only saddle manufacturer in the world carbon fiber saddle trees into series production. Our saddle trees are not comparable with various "imitators" on the market offering carbon fibers coated wood or plastic trees. Carbon fiber is the incredible high-tech material that is far superior in its properties than many other materials. The relationship between strength and weight, for example, is seven times larger than Titanium.

Because of its enormous strength carbon therefore finds its application among others in the aerospace, racing on land and at sea but also in many other areas that require high stability with minimum weight.

We at American-Flex has always been known for our great innovations like our saddle-system but also for many small details in our saddles and accessories. Therefore, it was natural for us to take the advantage of this unique material into Saddel-manufacturing. At the same time, our saddle trees are not just two mutually bonded laminate shells. After laminating the tree is filled with a specially developed, extremely lightweight foam, to get all the benefits of a solid material in the processing. Through this sandwich construction all fittings can be made as on a wooden saddle tree.

We use carbon fiberalso in our leather-covered stirrups. In addition to the special design, they are provided with an anti-slip foot rest and have a width which leaves enough room even for winter boots. And by the way they weigh only a third of a standard aluminum stirrups.
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